Principles of Marketing

Principles of Marketing Course Starts in First Summer Semester.

Entrance Exam

You could take AIBEc Entrance Exam from April 14 till May 23, 2014. Students who achieve qualifying score on the exam pay reduced tuition.

May 12, 2014

First Summer Semester starts on May 12, 2014. Registration is open. You can download registration form here.

Accounting Analysis

How Accounting rules influence Decision Making, valuation and the Global Financial Crisis. Topics include: Credit rating Agencies and the analysis they use to rate companies, Equity Accounting, Business Combinations and Consolidations, Methods used to manipulate Accounting numbers, Crisis issues such as Mark to Market and Impairment of assets, Future trends in IFRS, GAAP and RAS.

Art Franczek,
AIBEc Professor

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Principles of Advertising course starts on Wednesday,
February 5, 2014


This course introduces you to the fundamentals of advertising and covers the historical, economic and social aspects of advertising.

Professor: Eugene Radewych, MBA.

Thursdays 7 – 10 pm

January 03, 2014

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NEW! Project Management Course Starts on Monday, March 17th

Project Management course establishes the fundamental common concepts of traditional project management based on the world-wide standards — Project Management Institute (PMI) methodology — and then introduces the strategic approach to project management and the concept of project leadership. Such comprehensive exploration of the project management discipline presents the tools, steps, and processes of project management and uncovers the critical thinking — the why — vital to project management excellence.

Special schedule (Mondays and Saturdays)